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When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

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Backstory [Sep. 7th, 2009|12:36 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

 We all know that the campaign will end soonish…I know that we won’t ever follow any sideline quests or developmental arcs, so I will just fill in what Ferine has done with her life and how I wanted her character to develop.

 Remember that farmer that we killed the ogre and all the kobolds for?  That was Ferine’s first trophy.  She had originally taken the thumb as a way to prove to the farmer that the ogre was dead and that the farmer need not fear any more attacks.  The physical evidence of success was so effective that Ferine began to collect trophies from every kill.  It is a way of proving that she is ferocious.  Her family always saw her as just a female to sell off as a bride.  The trophies prove that she is capable of anything.  I don’t know if y’all remember but she also had a cloak made of wolf fur and used 5 dragon teeth for the collar.  That plus her green armor and long hair makes her very easy to remember. 

She also does good deeds in every town that we have visited.  She stops by the temples to help out, either helping to heal the sick or doing manual labor (chop wood, haul coal, cleaning) before she goes out among the townsfolk.  She tends to buy a basket full of bread and some strings of sausage and then goes to the bad parts of town to feed the poor.   She goes through the residential parts and gives the food to the goodwives.  If they need help with anything, she offers her services.  

So Ferine is a very impressively dressed paladin, covered in the trophies of her conquests, who feeds the children and heals the sick and works at the temples for free.  She has become very well known in this capacity.  Every town we stop in, Matvei gathers info, Folias makes stuff, Ulftor helps with one or the other, Danica works on her spells and Ferine works with the people.  There are tales told of the green and gold paladin told in the alleys and soup shops. 

As for her personality…I have said that losing Ash was very hard on Ferine, but keep in mind how she met the party.  Ferine grew up on a farm with just her father and brothers.  Prior to running away, Ferine had met all of 20 people her entire life.  Then she runs off and gets mixed up with this tower business and falls in with this party of (to her) small, fragile people.  She doesn’t understand how powerful the spellcasters are, she just knows that she’s the strongest and the biggest.  Therefore she needs to protect them.  Along the way, she came to care for the party very much.  They were the first friends she ever had.  Then Ash died; twice, and permanently.  She let one of the only people that she had ever befriended ~die~.  So now she throws herself between the party and harm because she would rather die than let anyone else get hurt.  This is why she willingly does things like dive into a cube of acid or stand in front of a lich dragon.  She is very selfless in many ways.  The side reason for this is that IF she ever died again, she could take the prestige class "Risen Martyr".

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Loose ends... [Aug. 16th, 2009|06:18 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

Hey god and others,

There are couple of loose ends from tonight that I was hoping to tie up online sooner rather than later:

1)  Can we sell stuff?  All of the items we are planning on selling are noted in Ms notebook and Matvei has a +37 for his haggling.  Could you guys sell it off and post here what everybody's cut is?

2)  A bit more selfish, I never got a response from god about that level 7 spell.

3) Also, since I removed the money from my character sheet, don't forget the Peasle (sp?) needs to send a shipment of 10 casks of ale to Thereval at The Yawning Portal Inn.
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grrr....argh....blah....longest...four day...week....ev...er... [May. 29th, 2009|08:19 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

After a very long, sucky, tedious, annoying, stressful, and social (very social) week the owl has a become a very grumpy and anti-social dwarf. If practical, I would likely be digging a cave in the back yard right now. I don't know what plans there are this weekend, but please do not be offended if I skip out on them.

::surly dwarf face::
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Pirates + Legos = Win!!! [May. 23rd, 2009|06:35 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM


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and the poem continues [Apr. 25th, 2009|10:26 am]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

[mood |awake]

(this istyped one-handed as a cranky, sleepy Aiden is on my left arm)

Recent adventures include:
making our way upthe narrow bridge where the fire elementals kept attacking us. Ferine got knocked off the edge by one, Ulftor stopped it (yea immovable dwarf!) and Danica used a force wall sideways to prevent the loss of a psladin.  As we made our way toward the top of the ramp, we were shot at by something too far away for us to see.  Ulftor used a bladewall to protect us from more elementals climbing up and attacking.

in the next room, there was a labrynthine collection of broken walls.  there was also a strange 4 armed cfreatured riding a hydra. it nearly killed several of our party members, but we finaly managed to kill the hydra, not, however, until after the xill (that a nifty pin what made the  magics come and go!) stepped off into the ethereal plane. Danica tried to get the pin but failed. but we did get the hydra eye with thre rod. we're pretty sure now that it was the xill firing at us on the bridge.

we travel past that room and wander until we enter a room of mist. small things talk at us from the ceiling. Matvei uses his diplomacy/bluff skillz and talkes our way through to "the lady" and takes her the eye with the rod. she apparently eats the eye? and Matvei steals the rod and leaves.

the next two stanzas of the poem lead us to a section of the path that is completely underwater.  using our magicky water breathing, Kalseru goes into the water to explore.  this takes several trips, but at one point he comes back rather beaten up.  Folias prepares to control the level of the water, and the rest of us prepare for battle.  luckily, removing the water removed the battle.  anything that could have harmed us relied on the water to breath, so without the water in the halls/tunnels, we just walked on through, took the rod and left.  some really disgusting looking water creatures though.

now we think we're ready to head back to the path that we couldn't take begore. we are hoping this path will lead us to Matvei's missing stuff, b ecause, let's face it, he's just not as cute without his own clothes.  we are warned by the poem not to trust our eyes or ears on this path, but I don't think any of us were quite prepared for what happened.  I don't think any of us really knows what anyone else saw.  From Danica's point of view, she was walking in, when everyone in front of her stopped walked and Folias started screaming.  She went up to try and move him along, when all of a sudden she was hit with a huge bolt of electricity, and then everything went black and silent.  She sat for a bit gathering her wits, then started walking in the direction of the end of the hallway.  At some point she bumped into Ulftor, who, with his anti-magic ability was able to remove the inky blackness and silence.  Realizing what was causing the darkness, Danica stepped away from Ulftor, cast a light spell to light up the hallway.  the xill was back and attacking! he took out Matvei and nearly Kalseru. Ferine managed to do enough damage to take out the xill before Matvei fully died on us. 

and that, my friends, is that.
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Brick Quest [Apr. 12th, 2009|02:07 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

This is not exactly what we played in college, but seems to be an updated and expanded version...
I was talking to some one about this last night so here is the link:
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Vampire Chronicle: The City [Apr. 12th, 2009|01:48 am]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

[mood |accomplished]

Since most of you survived the evening's events I thought this would be a good central location for a taking care of a few things.

First off, I am having a great time and I hope you are as well. I'm trying to shake the rust off of a system I haven't run in close to five years, so thank you for bearing with me. :)

Next: I am going to respond to this post with a comment titles "diaries" or somesuch. I would be ecstatic to have each of you respond (wyvern, no need to respond as newly-truly-redead-from-undead-mark, but do try to respond as not-my-pc-but-she's-still-undead-and-no-longer-an-NPC-Sam) with a short journal type entry of the evening's events from YOUR character's perspective. As this game is going to be fairly short, but may be picked up again in the future, having these entrie will make jumping back in MUCH MUCH easier. :)

Folks have some unfinished business...Jacob is now pack leader and Jez is the pack priest.
Jez: I need to know your implement and vessel by next time we game.
Jacob: You will probably be getting a visit from Mischa (via email) before next game...
Communal Haven? sounds like most are in favor...where? What sort of building?

Ghouls? Jez's band mates seem to be the easiest prey safer choice...any other ideas? how many do you want/need?

that's all I can think of right now...i must be getting old, because damn am I tired...

[Edit: Every Story needs characters, our story has only a few so far...see cut for details]

The CastCollapse )
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Modern Horror [Apr. 6th, 2009|08:39 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

Ok folks,

It seems that with three high votes for modern horror, one neutral vote, and two nonvotes, that if I am going to run a game it will be modern horror. Since there already is a system designed for modern horror, we will be using a limited set of white wolf rules. I will be sending out an email sometime this week with character sheets, and creation rules.

For right now I want you to think of MORTAL characters with a reason to be at a relatively high end club in "The City". Time frame is mid-late 90s. For players that are not familiar with world of darkness I would advise creating characters who are somewhat jaded, unhappy, willing to take a risk and in general unaware of the various supernatural goings on in the city. Don't worry, by the end of the first game, many (most? all? some?) of you will no longer be mortal...
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Short break from game? [Mar. 31st, 2009|06:01 pm]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

Ok folks,

I have a couple of thoughts I'd like to share, and I'm hoping to get some responses...

I am wondering if we need a short break from the current campaign (obviously not until after the current combat/encounter is resolved) and not a long break or we risk not returning to the campaign (and I want to know how it ends, damnit!). However, I know that right now I am finding it difficult to play Folias "correctly." I don't think I would quite call it burn out, but perhaps more that we are getting stuck in a rut (though our dear and fuzzy GM may be burning out trying to keep this campaign flowing)?

Anyway, my proposal is thus:
Once the current encounter, or group of encounters, is resolved to a suitable close we will step away from D&D and this campaign and play a short mini-game. I'm thinking something that could be completed in 3-4 sessions. Longer than a one-shot, but less than a true campaign. I will run, and thus allow god to become mortal (if only for a little while), since it is my idea.

What I would like from you wonderful folks is this:
1) Reply to this post with how you feel about taking a breather for a month or less (great idea, terrible idea, neutral but sounds like fun, neutral but your games suck so i don't wanna, etc).

2) (Even if you think it is a terrible idea and don't want to break right now) Please list the following genera in order that you find most appealing to play (if there is one that you have absolutely no interest in leave it out, or use strikethrough):
High Fantasy (LotR, Mists of Avalon)
Low Fantasy (Willow, Krull, Red Sonja)
Espionage (James Bond, Bourne Identity)
Martial Arts, modern (Stephen Segall, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, etc)
Martial arts, fantasy (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)
Space Opera (Star Wars, BSG, Riddick)
Space Romp (Ice Pirates, Time Bandits, Spaceballs)
Noir (Dark Urban '30s Detective Stories)
Western (Tombstone)
Pulp Adventure (Indiana Jones, The Mummy)
Modern Horror (Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Killer Virus, Nuclear Attack, etc)
Steam Punk (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
Cyberpunk (Johnny Neumonic, Neuromancer)
Mecha (ginormous genera, but all about big robots)
Anime' (school girls, flying robots, big guns and creepy villains or maybe even schoolgirls IN flying robots WITH big guns, fighting creepy villains)
Military (episodic, lots of combat...not necessarily full of RP)
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Question... [Mar. 21st, 2009|12:24 am]
When God needs a rebootin', kick the DM

Are we playing D&D on Sunday? I don't have any clue when T&K are getting back to town or if they will feel up to it...
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